Profound Beauty - Increased Audience Engagement in Social Media


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    Facebook Users Likes Increased by 16%
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    Pages Per Visit Increased by 119%

Company Profile:

Profound Beauty creates distinctive, luxurious and relevant personalized haircare collections that address the complexity of every individual's hair needs.


Profound Beauty, an innovator in proprietary technology for hair care, wanted to distribute their brand’s current news and promotions to increase website visitors and increase sales. It was also important for Profound Beauty to interact with their audience directly, create and maintain a two-way dialogue, post fresh content, and respond to comments and inquiries in a timely manner. In order to get audience engagement, the natural course needed to be a Social Media strategy. The utilization of Social Media would be key to Profound Beauty reaching more consumers throughout the internet.


MoreVisibility, through dialogue and discovery created a Social Media roadmap to help Profound Beauty achieve more brand awareness, increase the breadth of their direct selling channel, and create new opportunities for audience engagement. The new Social Media strategy developed by MoreVisibility encompassed the creation and use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog recommendations to distribute news, and to make a direct connection with their audience.


Since May 2010, the amount of time consumers spent on increased 76% and pages per visit increased by 119%, compared to the previous four months. Profound Beauty has increased their Facebook users’ “likes” by 16%, also increasing their average time and pages/visits coming from Facebook to their main website. Twitter followers also increased by 11%; and the Social Media channels continue to grow daily.

"MoreVisibility took the time to understand our business objectives within Social Media. The execution of the Social Media roadmap has grown our community and increased sales from new channels”

Jessica Kim, Marketing Manager for Profound Beauty


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