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Global Travel Insurance Company is Early Adopter of New Google Product, Google Tag Manager (GTM)

RoamRight, a global provider of travel insurance and assistance services, leveraged the newly announced Google Tag Manager (GTM) to simplify the web tracking and measurement process.

RoamRight launched Google Tag Manager on October 24, 2012 with the assistance of MoreVisibility, a full service Interactive Marketing Agency.  MoreVisibility, already a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google Adwords Qualified Agency, was one of the first to be vetted and approved by Google as a Google Tag Manager Specialist.

GTM provides the convenience of having one location to control all tags – Google Analytics, engine conversion pixels (such as AdWords and MSN conversion pixels), and remarketing tags.  Even better, it provides marketers with the power to control measurement and eliminates the dependency on an internal information technology department. When new tracking code needs to be added to a website, it’s quickly tested and deployed via GTM.  This not only makes this process much easier; it also eliminates the need for developers, programmers or other IT resources to install and test code.

MoreVisibility initiated the project with RoamRight by taking inventory of all the tracking JavaScript required on MoreVisibility then developed a strategy to determine the best placement of the measurement pixels and identified any other data that needed to be passed or made available within the pixels.

Next, the GTM container was deployed in a test environment, giving IT the ability to functionally verify the GTM installation and deploy the recommended data layer declarations.  This data layer acts as a kind of database to hold important information for tags; e.g. Ecommerce transaction data, etc.

Finally, the tags were quickly loaded into GTM and tested via the built-in debugging tool. Once tracking codes were verified, all tags were deployed in a coordinated, simultaneous removal of the legacy tags.  The end result empowered the RoamRight Marketing Team to quickly roll out new tags and campaigns, supporting their growing marketing initiatives.


Since the site is using GTM, the RoamRight Marketing Team can easily manage workflow and permissions and control their own measurement and tracking needs.

Although the platform is free from Google, GTM does have a learning curve. As a GTM Specialist, MoreVisibility has been able to guide RoamRight through the GTM interface, to make sure tags are firing at the appropriate times, and to easily manage workflow and permissions.  This has enabled the RoamRight Marketing Team to control their own measurement and tracking needs and the RoamRight IT Team to focus on internal IT priorities.

Some examples of the freedom using Google Tag Manager has given the RoamRight Marketing Team include:

  •  Easy Tag Inventory – all tracking tags and pixels are located in one place now.
  •  Eliminate wait-time for adding tracking code to the site (especially important for last-minute media placements).

In addition, IT has more time to focus on testing and revenue enhancements while having the peace of mind knowing that GTM runs efficiently with no unpleasant surprises. Best of all, if tags were ever deployed incorrectly, versioning is a built in safeguard that allows the RoamRight team to quickly roll the GTM deployment back to the last working version.

“As an ecommerce company, everything we do in marketing and IT can influence our revenue. Using GTM allows us the flexibility to add new marketing campaigns on the fly, without putting in IT support requests to track them.”

 Sharon Mostyn at RoamRight

About RoamRight

RoamRight, a division of Arch Insurance Company based in Towson, Maryland, is a provider of global travel insurance established by a group of travel insurance professionals with more than 60 years of combined experience helping travelers around the world. RoamRight offers travel insurance plans for leisure, business, student and group travelers, taking trips both domestic and abroad.

About Arch Insurance Company

Coverage is underwritten by Arch Insurance Company. Not all insurance products or coverage is available in all jurisdictions. Coverage is subject to actual policy language. Arch Insurance Company is licensed to transact business in all U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Executive offices are located at One Liberty Plaza in New York City 10006. Insurance products may be distributed by unaffiliated entities.

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