Becker’s School Supplies Sees 145% Social Media Brand Engagement Lift with MoreVisibility Strategy


  • Traffic Increase
    21% Increase in Visits to the Website
  • Social Increase
    145% Increase in Facebook Page Likes
  • Revenue Increase
    27% Increase in Ecommerce Revenue
Beckers School Supplies Case Study


In an effort to increase online user engagement, Becker’s School Supplies, a distributor of early childhood learning materials and elementary school supplies, sought to expand its social media marketing strategy. MoreVisibility developed a unique plan to appeal to the brand’s audience, and collaborated with them to create innovative content to achieve these goals.

The Solution

To acquire a deeper understanding of audience behavior and demographics, MoreVisibility:

  • Examined existing social media tools and analytics data
  • Developed a comprehensive social media strategy based on:
    • Identifying and defining audience interests and social media usage behavior.
    • Defining the “right” social channels to reach Becker’s audience.
  • Developed textual content and curated all design and video assets, such as:

    Gather steam for Stem Bargain Sale
  • Measured and tracked engagement and other KPIs over time


Since implementation of the strategy, the social media channels have proven to be a profitable source of web traffic.

The collaboration between MoreVisibility & Becker’s has resulted in:

In-Channel Engagement Improvements:

  • 145% increase in Facebook Page Likes
  • 67% increase in Facebook Organic Post Reach
  • 18% increase in Average Daily Impressions on Pinterest
  • 12% increase in Average Daily Viewers on Pinterest

Overall Onsite Improvements (All Traffic):

  • 21% increase in Visits to the website
  • 27% increase in Ecommerce Revenue


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