South Florida Online Retailer - Created a Well-Conceived, Content Rich YPI Campaign


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    Increased pages per visit by 51.64%
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    Increase Average Session Duration by 44.59%


MoreVisibility was tasked to create and manage a Yahoo Paid Inclusion (YPI) Campaign for a local South Florida online retailer. This client already had an aggressive (and successful) online marketing initiative in place through Google Ad Words, MSN and other top tier search engines, however, they recognized the value of implementing YPI and engaging MoreVisibility, who is a certified Yahoo partner. YPI is a hybrid of SEO and SEM, thus the results appear in the organic section of Yahoo. There are many benefits to Yahoo Paid Inclusion, although the main benefit is the relatively low and fixed cost per click (CPC) platform it provides. The following were our objectives:

  • Review current site to determine which pages make the most sense to utilize, as YPI is completely dependent upon relevancy. The more relevant and sufficient content on the page, the better the results.
  • Drive quality visitors to the site at a significantly lower cost than their current online initiatives, while still maintaining the same level and quality of leads.


Our expert Campaign Management Team created and uploaded a well conceived, content rich YPI Campaign, while simultaneously obtaining access from the client to their Google Analytics (GA) data. This was a necessary step that enabled us to not only track our progress, but compare our efforts to their current efforts.


In addition to achieving a strong presence within YPI, the YPI traffic outperformed any other campaigns they were running.

Some stats below directly from GA:

  • The site average of pages per visit is approximately 8.95 pages, however the pages per visit generated from the YPI program was 15.18 pages per visit, which is almost 70% higher than the site average!
  • The average time on site is approximately 5:28 minutes, which is good. A visitor reaching the site via YPI is staying on the site 8:31 minutes; more than 55% higher than the site average!
  • The bounce rate is one to boast about! YPI’s bounce rate is only 10.91%, more than 64% lower than the site average. Typically, any bounce rate around 50% is considered to be average. That being said, to have a bounce rate of only 10.91% is exceeding industry standards. MoreVisibility’s efforts for this client have proven to pay off in a huge way and YPI is a channel we feel brings significant value. The volume is not typically as high as other search engines, but the lead quality is exceptional.
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