Surfx Technologies – Increased Phone Leads by 400%


  • Phone Leads Increased by 400%
  • Average Page Views Increased by 49.07%

About Surfx Technologies

Since 1999, Surfx Technologies has been using plasma treatment and surface chemistry to help customers with surface treatment of their materials needs globally. Their full range of atmospheric plasma solutions treat micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS), micro-fluidics, semiconductors, solar cells, medical devices, sensors, plastics and composites. Their atmospheric plasmas solutions are used for cleaning and surface activation, etching, surface modification, and deposition and are clean-room compatible, fast, safe and effective.

The Challenge

Seeing how this is such a niche business, the company was having trouble obtaining leads through their website.  Ideally, they wanted to appear on page 1 of the search results for the keyword “atmospheric plasma.”  They also wanted more phone inquiries.  Additionally, Surfx Technologies wanted to position itself as the industry expert.

“We want the phone to ring.” said Gregg Weaver, Account Executive for Surfx Technologies.  When asked how many calls they currently receive a month, “zero” was the reply.

The challenge for MoreVisibility: Make the Surfx Technologies website appear in the top results of a search query and generate qualified traffic.

The Solution

To help Surfx Technologies achieve their goal, MoreVisibility combed-through and optimized their existing paid placement campaign.  The campaigns were designed as follows:

  1. Negative keywords were put into place.   A word such as plasma can yield many different results.  Someone can be searching for information on blood plasma or even a plasma TV.  Adding negative keywords to the campaign (such as TV and blood) allowed for any irrelevant search to not display their ad. 
  2. Optimization of current keywords and research of new keywords. Having vague keywords in any campaign can be dangerous.  For example, the word “bonding” can mean two different things.  Bonding can be two people getting to know each other or it can mean two surfaces adhering to one another.  In this case we needed for the bonding definition to match the latter.  Therefore key phrases such as “plasma bonding” and “surface bonding” were added.  Additionally, keyword research was performed to discover options that would lead to a higher click-through rate and ultimately a conversion.
  3. Revising destination URLs.  Instead of pointing all ads to the home page, ads were directed to the most relevant landing page on the site.  This allowed for better user experience and a higher possibility for conversion.

All campaigns were monitored on a daily basis and were adjusted and optimized as needed.


Within 3 months of having MoreVisibility overseeing paid placement advertising for Surfx Technologies, phone leads increased by 400% and positions on the Google search engine results page (SERP) was at 1.2. A glance at their Google Analytics showed a 49.07% increase in Average Visit Duration and a 13.08% improvement in Bounce Rate.

“Each month we see more activity and phone leads coming through. We are very happy with our PPC results thus far.”

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