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Website Redesign Spotlight

SwitchMyBooks.com is an online college textbook exchange founded by two college students, based in Boca Raton, FL. The website provides students a marketplace to buy and sell their college books directly with other students at much better prices than through the book stores. SwitchMyBooks recently won the 2012 FAU business plan competition and received pro bono design services from MoreVisibility who was a sponsor of the competition

SwitchMyBooks partnered with MoreVisibility to redesign and improve their website to gain curb appeal and become more user-friendly.  "Because of the generosity of FAU and sponsors like MoreVisibility in the business community, SwitchMyBooks now has a professional appearance through the website" says David Fredericks and Josue Christiansen.

Prior to the redesign, the SwitchMyBooks website was just one splash page that linked to the reservation process. MoreVisibility's new website design enhanced the overall appearance and functionality of the SwitchMyBooks.com website. The new site allows for students to login using Facebook connect. Students are now able to sign into SwitchMyBooks.com through their own personal Facebook pages and connect to other students with similar textbook needs. 


MoreVisibility incorporated their Facebook newsfeed, social media sharing capabilities and a lead generation contact form. The new design does a great job of cross promoting their social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These new features not only allow SwitchMyBooks.com to interact with their target audience through multiple channels, but they provide a more engaging user experience.

Before and after photos are shown below.

The Previous SwitchMyBooks Website: (Entry page)

The New SwitchMyBooks's Website:

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