SynergyChat – Increased Website Traffic Through Paid Search Campaigns


  • PPC Drives more than 75% of visitors
  • Paid Search Traffic Generated Approximately 48% More Leads
  • Website Traffic Increased by 300%

The Objective

SynergyChat, an innovative online chat service company that offers a variety of Cloud based video communication products, engaged MoreVisibility to help with their paid search marketing efforts in order to drive more visitors to their website as well as increase leads for the company. Because SynergyChat was new to online B2B marketing strategies and desired to significantly increase their  brand recognition and lead generation, they recognized it was important to engage proven experts in paid search marketing efforts to increase overall website traffic and sign-up leads. To meet SynergyChat’s goals, the MoreVisibility paid search team developed strategic search campaigns as well as complementing display ad campaigns by implementing the following:

The Solutions

Through a Discovery process, MoreVisibility learned SynergyChat’s target audience, breadth of service offerings as well as the main objectives for the paid search efforts. MoreVisibility developed a number of specifically targeted search campaigns, a site-targeted campaign and remarketing efforts to supplement the search and display campaigns.

The search campaigns contained hand-picked keywords in conjunction with compelling ad copy to engage searchers to click on the CPC ads. The MoreVisibility team worked with the SynergyChat team to select appropriate landing pages for each campaign in order to ensure a good user experience throughout the search process onto the website.

In addition, the MoreVisibility team worked with the web development team at SynergyChat to ensure all of the interactive marketing efforts were appropriately tracked.

Because SynergyChat was new to online business marketing with limited brand recognition, it was important to engage in paid search marketing efforts to increase overall website traffic and leads.


Campaign Results (mid-July 2012 to mid-October 2012)
With a modest paid search traffic budget, MoreVisibility was able to increase website traffic by almost 300% within the first month of MoreVisibility launching and managing the PPC campaigns. In addition, paid search traffic has generated approximately 48%, of the overall sign-up leads since the paid search efforts were implemented. Furthermore, PPC continues to be the driving traffic source with more than 75% of SynergyChat visitors.


“We have been incredibly pleased with the initial results of our online marketing campaigns in terms of driving traffic to our company website,, and the quality of lead generation.  This can be attributed entirely to the MoreVisibility team and their extensive knowledge and expertise in the design and implementation of our new online marketing strategies.  Their patience to take the time to explain in detail what our options were, educate us in the fundamentals and willingness to always go the extra mile has been impressive to say the least.”

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