The Paint Store – Streamlined PPC Performance


  • Website Traffic Increased by 21.83%
  • Website Visits Increased by 195.33%
  • Revenue Increased by 258.59%


The Paint Store, a leading painting supply company that offers the best products in the painting industry at wholesale prices, engaged MoreVisibility to help with their interactive marketing efforts. In terms of PPC, the MoreVisibility campaign team developed optimized strategies to increase revenue by implementing the following changes:


  •  Added new brands to campaigns to test.
  •  Removed campaigns that were not bringing in the desired results. This allowed us to allocate more funds to products that performed well, which contributed to a significant revenue increase.
  •  Paused keywords that weren’t delivering optimal performance.
  •  Adjusted the CPC bids for keywords used in ongoing campaigns.
  •  Performed an audit, highlighting keywords that performed well, to figure out how we could expand their reach to get a lower cost/conversion; (Keywords that brought in a good conversion, but the cost/conversion was too high).
  •  Paused a site targeted campaign that was industry related. It was good for branding purposes and getting their name out there, however, it hadn’t brought in the desired conversions.
  •  Took over management of the affiliate marketing program.
  •  Continued running a remarketing campaign on the Google display network and created new banner ads for campaign.


Throughout the SEO consultation program and as the recommended changes were implemented to the website, Google Analytics and keyword position reports were sourced heavily to monitor success.

Campaign Results (May 2011 vs. May 2012)

  •  From Google we increased website visits by 21.83% and increased revenue by 14.76%
  •  From MSN we increased website visits by 35.58% and increased revenue by 41.13%
  •  Additionally, our Affiliate Marketing efforts increased website visits by 195.33% and increased revenue by 258.59%

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