Website Redesign & SEO Strategy results in Organic visibility boost for Lee Wybranski


  • 70% improvement in overall organic visibility
  • 115% increase in pageviews from organic traffic
  • 75% increase in website visitors, all sources


Lee Wybranski is one of the premier artists working in golf today. He has been commissioned to create artwork for many of the finest clubs and organizations in the game. These include many of the marquee clubs in the world including Cypress Point Club, Pine Valley Golf Club and The Old Course at St. Andrews. In addition, Lee works annually for the governing bodies of the game creating classic, collectable work on behalf of The R&A, PGA of America and United States Golf Association. Lee most recently designed artwork for the 2016 Open Championship, 2016 Ryder Cup, 2016 PGA Championship, and 2016 U.S. Open Championship.

His Majors posters hang in the homes of many Major Champions, as well as fine art collectors around the world. He works primarily in watercolor and his work is known for bold simplicity, interesting compositions and a keen attention to detail.

In addition to creating artwork, Lee also specializes in brand and logo design, as well as printed matter (scorecards, yardage books, etc.) for both consumers and golf clubs.


With the 2016 US Open quickly approaching, and Lee scheduled to have a booth during the event, he understood that folks would be compelled to visit his website to learn more about him and his artwork. Knowing that the website lacked robust content, tracking, and was sub-optimal in terms of user flow and website organization, Lee came to MoreVisibility for time-sensitive assistance in improving the overall effectiveness of the website.


After conducting a thorough review, the MoreVisibility team worked quickly to define a strategy and implement a custom solution which included the following:

  •  Comprehensive SEO and User Experience Strategy and Execution
    •  Reorganization of the site’s navigation, hierarchy and URL structure
    •  Reorganization of product pages aimed at conversion optimization
    •  Site-wide keyword and content strategy
    •  Copywriting and content optimization to ensure that all pages of the website were representative of the products and offerings available
    •  Site-wide technical SEO updates
  •  Analytics & Tracking
    •  Implementation of Google Analytics tracking code
    •  Goal configuration and setup
    •  Website verification
  •  Website Design & Development
    •  Improved hosting solution to support potentially high website traffic volume, especially during times Lee may be featured on live TV
    •  Redesigned homepage and interior pages optimized for improved user experience
    •  Website logo design



Within 30 days of the new site’s launch, there has been some very significant positive movements. These include:

  •  A net positive movement of 1,332 organic keyword ranking positions within 30 days of the launch of the redesigned website
  •  A 70% improvement in overall organic visibility for priority keywords
  •  Within the first 45 days after the redesigned site launched the site experienced the following improvements with regard to traffic:
    •  All sources: 75% increase in users and a 29% increase in pageviews
    •  Organic traffic: 115% increase in users, a 115% increase in pageviews and a 6% decrease in bounce rate
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