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Put your business on the map.

For businesses that service a specific geographic area – local search is an essential medium to drive awareness and traffic. MoreVisibility’s online advertising team utilizes a variety of local advertising methods to fit each client’s unique circumstances, including:

  •  Geofencing
  • Location-based campaign settings
  •  Micro-targeting users by city, state, county or zip code
  •  Utilizing geo-targeted queries
  •  Maps Profile listings and ads
  •  Local offers, and more…

With well-implemented local search techniques you can hone in on your most relevant customers and serve them the content they want now – even when they’re on the go.

Local & Mobile Converge

Viable mobile strategy is essential for effective local search advertising. In order to best serve your local audience it’s essential to incorporate accurate local offers via an optimal user experience with strategic mobile web infrastructure, landing pages, and content.

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