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Website Organization

Website Organization

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Pointing users in the right direction.

A website’s content structure is paramount to its success – both in the search engines, and with the site’s users. To address this critical need, our content strategists work with our technical SEO team to create site-wide information architectures and navigational plans that are optimized for search, and speak to both user need and the purpose of the site.

Available for both new and existing sites, our information architecture services include website taxonomy and organization and navigational planning.

To create a detailed plan for content categorization, organization, and growth, we leverage:

  •  Highly-targeted keyword research
  •  Usability testing
  •  Audience needs
  •  Industry findings

Thoughtful, optimized information architecture is also an excellent way to begin a holistic website redesign that puts usability and user intention at the forefront of page layouts and design.

To learn more about our information architecture services, and how they work in concert with our other search engine optimization and website design services, please request more information using the form one this page.

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