Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Building a solid foundation for business growth.

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Building a solid foundation for business growth.

Technical SEO analysis is the foundation of any viable SEO program. Without expert website analysis, it’s impossible to know just how – and even if – the search engines see your website.

Technical SEO analysis is concerned with making sure your website’s platform, hierarchy and architecture are sound, while also ensuring that the search engines can crawl, digest, and understand your website’s content. Without this, any other efforts done in the name of optimization will fall flat.

The goal of a thorough website analysis is to determine whether or not there are barriers to optimization. Common barriers include:

  •  Content that is not visible to the search engines
  •  Poor navigation or information architecture
  •  Website platform issues
  •  Site structure, URL configurations, parameter handling, and other crawlability challenges

Customized for Long-Term SEO Health

Because technical SEO is only the foundation of a robust SEO program, our team provides custom advice regarding next steps. This includes thorough link, content, and design analyses.

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